İleri SQL Sorgulama Teknikleri ve Performans Optimizasyonu

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Her Yönüyle İleri SQL Sorgulama Teknikleri ve Performans Optimizasyonu

  • Module 1: Using Table Expressions

    +Using Derived Tables

    +Using Common Table Expressions

    +Using Views

    +Using Inline Table-Valued Functions

    +Lab : Using Table Expressions

  • Module 2: Using Window Ranking, Offset, and Aggregate Functions

    +Creating Windows with OVER

    +Exploring Window Functions

    +Lab : Using Window Ranking, Offset and Aggregate Functions

    +Using PARTITION BY Option

    +Writing Moving Average and Cumulative Totals with T-SQL

  • Module 3: Pivoting and Grouping Sets

    +Writing Queries with PIVOT and UNPIVOT

    +Working with Grouping Sets

    +Lab : Pivoting and Grouping Sets

    +Using GROUP BY CUBE


  • Module 4: Implementing Transactions

    +Transactions and the Database Engine

    +Controlling Transactions

    +Isolation Levels

    +Lab : Implementing Transactions

    +Locking Mechanism and Deadlocks

  • Module 5: Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints

    +Enforcing Data Integrity

    +Implementing Domain Integrity

    +Implementing Entity and Referential Integrity

    +Lab : Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints

    +Primary Key and Foreign Key Constraints

    +Unique and Check Constraints

    +Default Constraint

  • Module 6: Other Advanced Technics

    +Querying with Cross Joins and Self Joins

    +Writing Queries That Filter Data

    +Using the OFFSET-FETCH Clause

    +Using MERGE Command

    +Useful Built-in Functions

    +Write queries which use CROSS

    +APPLY and OUTER APPLY operators

    +Using the T-SQL FOR XML Statement

  • Module 7: SQL Query Performance Tuning Path

    +The Performance-Tuning Process

    +The Performance Baseline

    +Where to Focus Efforts in Tuning

    +SQL Server Query Life Cycle

  • Module 8: Index Analysis

    +What an Index Is

    +The Benefits and Overhead of an Index

    +General Recommendation for Index Design

    +Clustered and Non-Clustered Index Behavior and Comparison

    +Advanced Indexing Techniques

    +Manage Very Large Indexes

    +Special Index Types

  • Module 9: Execution Plan Details

    +Introduction to Execution Plan Generation and Caching

    +Execution Plan General Operators

    +Execution Plan Join Operators

    +Execution Plan Spool and Paralelizm Operators

    +Controlling Execution Plan With Query and Table Hints

    +Parameter Sniffing Scenarios

  • Module 10: Statistics Analysis

    +The role of Statistics in Query Optimization

    +The importance of Statistics on Columns with Indexes

    +The Computation of Selectivity of a Column for Indexing

    +Statistics Maintenance

  • Module 11: Query Design Analysis

    +Aspects of Query design that affect performance

    +How query design use indexes effectively

    +The role of optimizer hints on query performance

    +The role of database constraints on query performance

    +Techniques to reduce the Transaction cost of a query