SQL Server 2019 ile Uçtan Uca İş Zekası Uygulamaları

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SQL Server 2019 ile Uçtan Uca İş Zekası Uygulamaları

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Warehousing

    +Overview of Data Warehousing

    +Implement a Star and Snowflake Schema

    +Implement a Time Dimension

    +Designing Dimension Tables

    +Designing Fact Tables

    +Physical Design for a Data Warehouse

  • Module 2: Creating an ETL Solution with SSIS

    +Exploring Data Sources

    +Implementing Data Flow

    +Introduction to Control Flow

    +Implement Control Flow with

    +Tasks and Precedence Constraints

    +Creating Dynamic Packages

    +Using Containers

    +Using Chechpoints and Transactions

    +Debugging an SSIS Package

    +Logging SSIS Package Events

    +Implementing an Event Handler

    +Using Data Quality Services to Cleanse Data

    +Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

  • Module 3: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analysis Services

    +Exploring the Data Warehouse and Analysis Services Data Model

    +Introduction to Multidimensional Analysis

    +Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views

    +Creating a Cube

    +Overview of Cube Security

    +Configuring Dimensions

    +Defining Attribute Hierarchies

    +Sorting and Grouping Hierarchies

    +Working with Measures

    +Introduction to MDX

    +MDX Fundamentals

    +Adding Calculations to a Cube

    +Using MDX to Query a Cube

    +Working with Key Performance Indicators,Actions,Perspectives and Translations

    +Introduction to Analysis Services Tabular Data Models

    +Creating a Tabular Data Model

    +DAX Fundamentals

    +Enhancing a Tabular Data Model with DAX

  • Module 4: Implementing,Enhancing and Managing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services

    +Creating a Report with Report Designer

    +Grouping and Aggregating Data in a Report

    +Publishing and Viewing a Report

    +Showing Data Graphically

    +Filtering Reports by Using Parameters

    +Managing Report Security

    +Managing Report Execution

    +Subscriptions and Data Alerts

    +Troubleshooting Reporting Services

  • Module 5: SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Introduction to SQL Server Database Certification

    +Choosing the Right SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Preparing for SQL Server Certification Exams

    +Sample Tips,Questions and Answers from Certification Exams