SQL Server 2019 ile Veri Ambarı Geliştirme ve ETL Uygulamaları (SSIS)

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Her Yönüyle SQL Server 2019 ile Veri Ambarı Geliştirme ve ETL Uygulamaları (SSIS)

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Warehousing

    +Overview of Data Warehousing

    +Considerations for a Data Warehouse Solution

  • Module 2: Planning Data Warehouse Infrastructure

    +Considerations for Data Warehouse Infrastructure

    +Planning Data Warehouse Hardware

  • Module 3: Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse

    +Data Warehouse Design Overview

    +Designing Dimension Tables

    +Designing Fact Tables

    +Physical Design for a Data Warehouse

  • Module 4: Creating an ETL Solution with SSIS

    +Introduction to ETL with SSIS

    +Exploring Data Sources

    +Implementing Data Flow

  • Module 5: Implementing Control Flow in an SSIS Package

    +Introduction to Control Flow

    +Creating Dynamic Packages

    +Using Containers

    +Managing Consistency

  • Module 6: Debugging and Troubleshooting SSIS Packages

    +Debugging an SSIS Package

    +Logging SSIS Package Events

    +Handling Errors in an SSIS Package

  • Module 7: Implementing a Data Extraction Solution

    +Planning Data Extraction

    +Extracting Modified Data

  • Module 8: Loading Data into a Data Warehouse

    +Planning Data Loads

    +Using SSIS for Incremental Loads

    +Using Transact-SQL Loading Techniques

  • Module 9: Enforcing Data Quality

    +Introduction to Data Quality

    +Using Data Quality Services to Cleanse Data

  • Module 10: Master Data Services

    +Introduction to Master Data Services

    +Implementing a Master Data Services Model

    +Managing Master Data

    +Creating a Master Data Hub

  • Module 11: Extending SQL Server Integration Services

    +Using Scripts in SSIS

    +Using Custom Components in SSIS

  • Module 12: Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

    +Overview of SSIS Deployment

    +Deploying SSIS Projects

    +Planning SSIS Package Execution

  • Module 13: Consuming Data in a Data Warehouse

    +Introduction to Business Intelligence

    +Enterprise Business Intelligence

    +Self-Service BI and Big Data

  • Module 14: SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Introduction to SQL Server Database Certification

    +Choosing the Right SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Preparing for SQL Server Certification Exams

    +Sample Tips,Questions and Answers from Certification Exams