SQL Server 2019 ile Veritabanı Yönetimi

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Her Yönüyle SQL Server 2019 ile Veritabanı Yönetimi

  • Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2016 Database Administration


    +Database Administration Overview

    +Introduction to the SQL Server Platform

    +SQL Server Services and Configuration Options

    +Considerations for Installing SQL Server

    +Performing Pre-installation Stress Tests

    +Installing a SQL Server Instance

    +Performing Post-Installation Checks

  • Module 2: Working with Databases and Storage

    +Overview of SQL Server Databases

    +Creating and Configuring a Database

    +Using Database Files and Filegroups

    +Moving Database Files

    +Managing System Databases

    +Adjusting tempdb Configuration

    +Buffer Pool Extension

  • Module 3: Planning and Implementing a Backup Strategy

    +Backup Strategies and Disaster Recovery Scenarios

    +Understanding SQL Server Recovery Models

    +Planning a Backup Strategy

    +Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs

    +Using Advanced Backup Options

  • Module 4: Restoring SQL Server 2016 Databases

    +Understanding the Restore Process

    +Restoring Databases

    +Working with Point-in-Time Recovery

    +Restoring System Databases

    +Partial-Online Restoring Databases

    +Describe Advanced Concepts Of Restoring Databases

  • Module 5: Importing and Exporting Data

    +Introduction to Transferring Data

    +Transferring Data To/From SQL Server

    +Importing and Exporting Table Data

    +Inserting Data in Bulk

    +Introduction to Integration Service and ETL Process

  • Module 6: Managing SQL Server Security

    +Introduction to SQL Server Security

    +Authenticating Connections to SQL Server

    +Authorizing Logins to Access Databases

    +Partially Contained Databases

    +Working with Server Roles and Server Level Permisions

    +Managing Database Level Permissions

    +Configuring Permissions at the Schema Level

  • Module 7: Protecting Data by Using Encryption and Auditing

    +Options for Auditing Data Access in SQL Server

    +Implementing SQL Server Audit

    +SQL Server Backup Encryption

    +SQL Server Row Level Security

  • Module 8: Monitoring SQL Server 2016

    +Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server

    +Dynamic Management Views and Functions

    +Performance Monitor

    +Activity Monitor

    +Working with Data Collector

    +Other Tools for Capturing and

    +Managing Performance Data

  • Module 9: Tracing Access to SQL Server 2016

    +Introduction to Tracing SQL Server

    +Capturing Activity by Using SQL Server Profiler

    +Working with Tracing Options

    +Using DDL Triggers

  • Module 10: Automating SQL Server 2016 Management

    +Automating SQL Server Management

    +Implementing SQL Server Agent Jobs

    +Managing SQL Server Agent Jobs

    +Managing Job Step Security Contexts

    +Managing Jobs on Multiple Servers

    +Using Proxy for SQL Server Agent

  • Module 11: Advanced Monitoring SQL Server 2016

    +Configuring Database Mail

    +Monitoring SQL Server Errors

    +Configuring Operators, Alerts, and Notifications

  • Module 12: Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance

    +Ensuring Database Integrity

    +Maintaining Indexes

    +Configuring Database Maintenance Plans

  • Module 13: Troubleshooting Common SQL Server 2016 Administrative Issues

    +SQL Server Troubleshooting Methodology

    +Resolving Service-related Issues

    +Resolving Concurrency Issues

    +Resolving Login and Connectivity Issues

  • Module 14: SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    +Introduction to High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    +Choosing the Right High Availability Solution

    +Installing and Configuring SQL Server Replication

    +Installing and Configuring SQL Server Log Shipping

    +Installing and Configuring SQL Server Database Mirroring

    +Introduction to SQL Server Failover Cluster

    +Introduction to SQL Server Always On

  • Module 15: SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Introduction to SQL Server Database Certification

    +Choosing the Right SQL Server Database Certification Path

    +Preparing for SQL Server Certification Exams

    +Sample Tips,Questions and Answers from Certification Exams