Oracle 12c ile Veritabanı Yönetimi (DBA)

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Her Yönüyle Oracle 12c ile Veritabanı Yönetimi (DBA)

  • Module 1: Introducing Oracle Database 12c Components and Architecture

    +Oracle Database Fundamentals

    +Oracle Database 12c Architecture

    +User and Server Processes

    +The Oracle Instance

    +Oracle Storage Structures

  • Module 2: Creating and Operating Oracle Database 12c

    +Oracle Database 12c Software Installation

    +Using DBCA to Create an Oracle 12c Database

    +Working with Oracle Database Metadata

    +Managing Initialization-Parameter Files

    +Starting Up and Shutting Down an Oracle Instance

    +Monitoring the Database Alert Log

  • Module 3: Understanding Storage and Space Management

    +Understanding the Physical and Logical Storage

    +Managing Tablespaces

    +Managing Data Files

    +Managing Space

  • Module 4:Managing Data Concurrency and Undo

    +Managing Data Changes Using DML

    +Understanding “Change”

    +Differentiating Undo and Redo

    +Configuring and Monitoring Undo

    +Managing Data Concurrency

    +Understanding Locks and Transactions

    +Maximizing Data Concurrency

    +Detecting and Resolving Lock Conflicts

  • Module 5: Understanding Oracle Network Architecture

    +Introducing Network Configurations

    +An Overview of Oracle Net Features

    +Configuring Oracle Net on the Server

    +Configuring Oracle Net for the Client

    +An Overview of Oracle Shared Server

    +Understanding Database Resident <Connection Pooling

    +Communicating Between Databases

  • Module 6: Implementing Security and Auditing

    +Creating and Managing User Accounts

    +Granting and Revoking Privileges

    +Controlling Resource Usage by Users

    +Auditing Database Activity

  • Module 7: Maintaining the Database and Managing Performance

    +Proactive Database Maintenance

    +Managing Optimizer Statistics

    +Gathering Performance Statistics

    +Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring

    +The Advisory Framework

    +Monitoring Server-Generated Alerts

    +Understanding Automatic Diagnostic Repository

    +Managing Performance

    +Sources of Tuning Information Tuning Memory

    +Automatic Shared Memory Management

    +Automatic SQL Execution Memory Management

    +Managing Memory Using EM Cloud Control

  • Module 8: Using Backup and Recovery

    +Understanding and Configuring Recovery Components

    +Performing Backups

    +Understanding Types of Database Failures

    +Performing Recovery Operations

  • Module 9: Controlling Resources and Jobs

    +Resource Management with the Resource Manager

    +Functions of the Resource Manager

    +Understanding Resource Manager Components

    +Configuring the Database Resource Manager

    +Accessing and Creating Resource Plans

    +Updating and Deleting Resources

    +Monitoring the Resource Manager

    +Task Automation with Oracle Scheduler

    +Scheduler Architecture

    +Using Oracle Scheduler

    +Relating Tasks with Job Chains

    +Scheduling Jobs on Remote Systems

    +Prioritizing Jobs with Oracle Scheduler

  • Module 10: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c

    +Determining the Database Upgrade Method

    +Using Direct Upgrade

    +Migrating to Oracle Database 12c

    +Preparing for a Database Upgrade

    +Running the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool

    +Preparing the Oracle Home

    +Reducing Upgrade Downtime

    +Upgrading the Database

    +Using Database Upgrade Assistant

    +Performing a Manual Upgrade

    +Completing the Post-Upgrade Tasks

    +Migrating to Unified Auditing

    +Downgrading to an Earlier Release

  • Module 11: Using Grid Infrastructure and Data Movement Tools

    +Tools for Moving Data

    +Migrating Data Using Data Pump

    +Loading Data with SQL*Loader

    +Populating External Tables

    +Introducing Grid Infrastructure

    +Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure

    +Managing Oracle ASM Storage

    +Using Oracle Restart