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Her Yönüyle MongoDB

  • Module 1: Introduction to MongoDB

    + The current SQL/NoSQL landscape

    +Document-oriented vs. other types of storage

    +Mongo’s featureset

    +Common use-cases

    +Introduction to JSON

  • Module 2 :Documents and Collections

    + Creating documents

    +Managing documents in collections

    +Iterating over documents

  • Module 3 :Simple Queries

    +Field equality tests

    +Operators available


    +Limiting results and paging

  • Module 4: Simple CRUD(Insert Update Delete)

    +Update a Document

    +Insert a Document

    +Delete a Document

  • Module 5:More Complex Types of Queries

    +Existential field values

    +Aggregations and groups

    +Aggregations and groups in hierarchical data

  • Module 6:Updates and Arrays

    +Altering array field elements

    +Insertion to array fields

    +Removing from array fields

  • Module 7:Indexing Strategy on MongoDb

    +The primary index and the _id field

    +Problems requiring an index

    +Defining secondary indexes

    +Compound indexes

    +Index selection

    +Index hints

    +Covering indexes

    +Index storage size

    +Indexes effect insertion and update speeds

  • Module 8 :MapReduce

    +Explanation of MapReduce

    +Types of logic that can be expressed as MapReduce declarations

    +Mapping documents

    +Reducing values

  • Module 9:Mongo Replication and Sharding

    +Configuring replication

    +Configuring sharding

    +Accessing clustered data from client APIs

    +Latency and consistency in replicated and sharded Mongo