Oracle 12c ile Temel Veritabanı Sorgulama

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Her Yönüyle Oracle 12c ile Temel Veritabanı Sorgulama

  • Module 1 : SQL and Data

    +What Is SQL?

    +Why Learn SQL?

    +An Introduction to Databases

    +The Relational Database

    +Data Normalization and Table Relationships

    +The STUDENT Schema Diagram

  • Module 2 : SQL – The Basics

    +The SQL Execution Environment

    +The Anatomy of a SELECT Statement

    +An Introduction to SQL*Plus

  • Module 3 : The WHERE and ORDER BY Clauses

    +The WHERE Clause

    +The ORDER BY Clause

  • Module 4 : Character, Number, and Miscellaneous Functions

    +Data Types

    +Reading Syntax Diagrams

    +Character Functions

    +Number Functions

    +Miscellaneous Single-Row Functions

  • Module 5 : Date and Conversion Functions

    +Applying Oracle’s Date Format Models

    +Performing Date and Time Math

    +Understanding the TIMESTAMP and TIME ZONE Data Types

    +Performing Calculations with the Interval Data Types

    +Converting from One Data Type to Another

  • Module 6 : Aggregate Functions, GROUP BY, and HAVING Clauses

    +Aggregate Functions

    +The GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses

  • Module 7 : Equijoins

    +The Two-Table Join

    +Joining Three or More Tables

  • Module 8 : Subqueries

    +Simple Subqueries

    +Correlated Subqueries

    +Inline Views and Scalar Subquery Expressions

    +ANY, SOME, and ALL Operators in Subqueries

  • Module 9 : Set Operators

    +The Power of UNION and UNION ALL

    +The MINUS and INTERSECT Set Operators

  • Module 10 : Complex Joins

    +Outer Joins


  • Module 11 : Insert, Update and Delete

    +Creating Data and Transaction Control

    +Updating and Deleting Data

    +The SQL Developer Data Tab

  • Module 12 : Create, Alter, and Drop Tables

    +Creating and Dropping Tables

    +Altering Tables and Manipulating Constraints

  • Module 13 : Indexes, Sequences, and Views




  • Module 14 : The Data Dictionary, Scripting, and Reporting

    +The Oracle Data Dictionary Views



  • Module 15 : Security





  • Module 16 : Regular Expressions and Hierarchical Queries

    +Regular Expressions

    +Hierarchical Queries

  • Module 17 : Exploring Data Warehousing Features

    +Advanced SQL Concepts

    +Analytical Functions

    +WITH Clause

    +ROLLUP and CUBE Operators

  • Module 18 : SQL Optimization

    +The Oracle Optimizer

    +Writing Effective SQL Statements